From reviews of Il Parnaso Confuso at Wilton's Music Hall (London)


"Louisa Petais brought intense expression to Melpomene, notably in recitative"

                                                             Opera Magazine (October 2015)


"Also impressive was Louisa Petais, a mezzo moving up to spinto with an impressive baroque training pedigree acquired in Italy. She was by far the most comfortable and confident of the women in the genre, both secure and lyrical in her coloratura and clearly articulating the Italian."


                                                                     Opera Britannia UK


"(Louisa Petais) had great moments, such as when she could not find enough inspiration to write tragic verses, and, later still, in an aria during which she destroys the pages she describes as "faithless companions"."

                                                            The Sunday Times of Malta


"...her self-dramatising characterisation was bang on."


                                                             The Guardian


"Louisa Petais was the highly emotional Melpomene, looking dramatic in black, and as the lead role as she gets two arias and duet, and Petais has a big dramatic voice with a strong lower register."


"(She) made a dramatic Melpomene, singing with gusto and a lovely sense of comedy within the music, but never shirking the elaborate decorations and producing some impressive moments. Her second aria, with lovely horn contributions, had some particular striking musical moments."

                                                              Planet Hugill     



Review of Carmen (Suffolk Opera) at Westacre River Studios (Norfolk)


"This Spanish classic can only ever be as good as the actress entrusted with the title role and Louisa Petais as Carmen was smouldering sexuality. A magnificent singing voice helped her deliver this demanding role with complete conviction."

                                                                              Stephen Hayter, Lynn News